Residential Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

You have just purchased a new home and you’re ecstatic. One of the things that you want to do is build a lawn. Owning a home with a lawn is indeed the dream of a lot of people. But then again, you should know that such a project is such a big task.

Residential Landscapers El Paso

Build a lawn is just the start. Maintaining it is another. If you used to live in an apartment, you might be overwhelmed by the task. But don’t worry. You simply have to hire the best residential landscapers El Paso ever has and they’ll help you out. They’ll even let you know of any local codes related to building lawns.

Starting a Landscaping Project

Lawn care is just a part of a bigger landscaping project. As a matter of fact, it’s something that you have to do on a weekly basis, along with a few other tasks. The tasks that you have to do to keep your landscape looking good at all times would even depend on your home’s location. Even so, here are some of the tasks that you must do.

1. Purchase a lawnmower.

Your lawn needs to be trimmed on a weekly basis. Owning a high-quality lawn mower is a great investment. You don’t want to rent this device every week. Choose a lawn mower that is just right for the area of your property.

2. Mow lawns properly.

Buying a lawn mower is just the start. Mowing your lawn is the bigger task. Set a routine and follow it strictly. Ideally, lawns need to be mowed every 5 to 7 days. Do it more frequently if it rains frequently. Also, don’t cut the grass too short.

3. Properly water lawns.

The harsh summer sun makes brittle brown grass. You should water lawns in the morning. Use a water sprinkler to make this task easy. Like a lawnmower, it’s a great investment that saves you time and energy in doing this regular lawn care task.

4. Get Rid of Weeds

Weeds are a lawn’s worst nightmare. Weeds have deep roots and you can’t just pull them out once because they’ll grow right back. Removing weeds not the right way will only make them grow faster and fiercer. If weeds become a major problem, you can try using lawn treatments to address them.

5. Add some mulch

Mulching is an important process in lawn care. It keeps your soil moist and at the same time, prevents weed from growing. Simply add two layers of mulch and be sure to replace them yearly. You may buy mulch for $200. You may need to pay more if your lawn is quite big.

6. Trim trees and bushes

Trimming is something that has to be done on a yearly basis as well. Trim trees, bushes, and hedges. Buy a hedge trimmer if you can so this task becomes easier for you. If you don’t want to trim trees or bushes regularly, you may decide to remove them entirely instead.

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